Senseware is a boutique software company that develops custom business management systems.

Based on your requirements we'll select core modules (listed below) and add client specific modules that shape the system to perfectly fit your business.

Business Intelligence

Our systems help business leaders focus on the big picture while still giving them the ability to micro manage when the need arises.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) let you know how every department is performing within seconds

Management Reports

Draw management reports then drill down to investigate the details

Customer Service

Give your sales, service and support staff the ability to track every interaction with every customer.

Customer Relations

Always give customers prompt feedback; automatically trigger feedback tasks if any delays occur.

Order Processing

Online ordering for clients and traveling sales staff. Complete order process from estimates to final payment

Streamline your Business

We have advanced modules that focus on specific business processes.


Advanced production scheduling with end to end traceability


Track individual items, boxes, pallets or containers entering and leaving your warehouses


Automate import/export documentation, track air and sea freight, integrate with couriers

Quality Assurance

Check quality of incoming products, outgoing products and during key processing stages (QC In, Out and Online)

Automate Repetitive Tasks

When tasks become repetitive humans get bored, concentration fades and mistakes creep in. Automate these tasks, reduce mistakes and free up time to focus on more important work.


Every business has tasks that need to happen before or after others or only in certain situations etc. The workflow module makes sure things happen when they should and notifies the proper people when they don't.

Custom Modules

We develop custom modules to handle your specific tasks and processes

Connect with the Real World

The really useful systems can interact with the world around them.


Track objects using RFID tags, QR codes or barcodes


Authenicate users using SMS codes, fingerprints or retina scan


Integrate external sensors like temperature, humidity, pressure, electricity usage, flow meters etc


Feed market information like currency exchange rates and equity prices directly into the system

Integrate your Existing Systems

Senseware was designed from day one to integrate with all modern Accounting, Point of Sale, Ordering, Warehouse and Production systems. Some of the systems we can integrate with are:

Examples of our Work

Now that you have an idea some of the functionality look at examples of our work to see how we apply it