Custom Management Systems

Examples of systems we recently developed

Fishing Licence System

We developed a system to manage the issuing and checking of fishing licences by the South African Government. The primary design considerations were ease of use, system security, the ability to work online and offline and anti-counterfeit measures.

Our solution uses RFID cards instead of traditional paper licences. Each card holds encrypted information on the licence holder and issued permits. A mobile app allows government officials to validate licences by simply tapping their mobile phone with the card – works online and offline.

The system consists of a public site that allows users to register and renew licences online, an agent portal that allows a network of agencies (fishing clubs, post office etc.) to issue licences and process payments, a government portal for all administrative functions, a mobile app for government officials to check licences and a mobile app for fisherman to checking compliance and buy additional permits if necessary.

Pack House System

Our pack house system is radically different from traditional systems. Ease of use was a primary priority and the result is a very intuitive visual system where fingerprints, touch and drag-and-drop are used more than traditional keyboards.

No matter how complex your pack house your users will always know what to do next. Our most complex pack house packs more than 300 different product lines. On average they pack more than 50 different lines per day using only 2 or 3 teams.

Fruit Export System

The next generation of a fruit export system originally used by Eurafruit (South Africa's largest blueberry exporter).

Consignments can be made up from batches of different suppliers; transported via sea, air, rail or road; sold to different clients in different weeks at different rates as different brands in different currencies; contain different claim and sorting charges. Irrespective of how simple or complex your consignments are cost and revenue splits for each grower are automatically and transparently calculated.

All Import/Export documentation is generated automatically and submitted to the required parties when required. This work flow can be customised depending on the product type, country of origin and destination.

Suppliers can login at any time to view the status of their consignments and payment reports; customers and freight agents can login to see consignment schedules.

Nursery System

We developed a management system for wholesale nurseries.

The system has complete traceability irrespective of your method of propagation. For every plant you’ll know the originating explant, exact details of the micropropagation phases it went through, date it became a plantlet, details of any microcutting phases it went through, dates it was potted and transplanted, complete fertigation and spray records etc.

Because of the complexities and timeframes (from weeks to years) involved in propagation special attention is given to production scheduling. The system continuously calculates current and future inventory levels based on current production schedules. The calculated inventory levels are compared against confirmed orders and estimate sales figures to make sure your inventory levels are always spot on!

Telecoms Billing System

The system handles all aspects of data and voice billing and even has the ability to include all utilities (telephone, internet, electricity, water and gas) on a single utility bill. In addition to billing the system also handles client registrations, prepaid and post-paid  contracts, renewals and terminations. 

A public site allows visitors to see current product offerings, product pricing (automatically updated from pricing system) and new client sign ups.

A client portal shows details usage graphs, allows users to set service limits and notifications, view complete account history, update payment details, see network status, log issues etc.

An admin portal allows staff to manage clients and contracts, activate/deactivate services, adjust pricing based on margin targets, process payments and draw various detailed management reports.

Equipment Rental System

The equipment rental system has online quoting, logistics and payment processing functionality.

A public site has an online quoting system that generates customer estimates based on equipment availability and includes accurate courier/transport costs and exact delivery and collection dates. The potential customer immediately gets a detailed quote with terms and conditions that just need to be signed and sent back to confirm the order.

Once an order is confirmed the system automatically reserves the equipment, schedules the required logistics (it integrates with various courier systems and automatically schedules pickups and deliveries)

We integrated Google Online Marketing products and now the company generates 90% of their sales without any human intervention.

Your System?

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